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Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Coral Blue cleaning services offer exceptional services when compared to other water tank cleaning companies in Dubai. Our services are timely, cost-effective, hygienic and efficient to the core. As a company offering water tank cleaning in Dubai, Coral Blue cleaning services stands tall among our competitors and the supremacy is accepted and acknowledged by our loyal customers. Many factors transform our water tank cleaning services in Dubai special. First of all, the company’s strict adherence to international guidelines is well appreciated by one and all. This practice assumes significance in the light of widespread health issues in today’s world.

Our dedicated services play a great role in preventing legionella bacteria. The bacteria is the reason behind the deadly Legionnaires’ disease. It thrives in water bodies, both natural and man-made ones. Water tank disinfection is very important. People with diabetes, kidney and lung diseases fall easy prey to this. Chain smokers are another vulnerable group. Also, we take extra care to ensure that all activities are carried out under stringent safety procedures. Several hazards are also involved in the process. These can even cause death to a person. However, we are prepared to take on any challenging situation. Our workers are confident of completing the cleaning process in a safe and secure manner. At the same time, we go the extra mile to keep our customers on the safe side.

Coral Blue cleaning services use cleaning products that are environment friendly. Our chemicals are of food grade quality and equipments sterilized.  The chemicals we use could be safely discharged into the sewage system without any harmful consequences. Our workers will thoroughly disinfect your water tanks, remove all sediment and harmful bacteria and fungi, which normally stick to the inner walls of most tanks. Once it is done, we will provide you with before and after photographs of the process along with a cleaning certificate, valid for one year.

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Selena gomaz

Water tank cleaning was a constant headache we faced. Our busy lives kept us occupied and we often neglected it. One day, we gave Coral blue a call. They arrived in no time and made the whole thing easy for us

Selena gomaz

Genarel customer
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