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Water System Disinfection and Pipeline Chlorination

Beware of polluted water that serves as the breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms. This is where you need a thorough disinfection process. The process can banish unpleasant smell from water.

The existence of coliform bacteria must be dealt with iron hands. The most common method to prove the presence of these bacteria is through a test at a good laboratory. If it is proven beyond doubt, you need to take immediate action. Give Coral Blue cleaning services a call and our services are available throughout Dubai.

The UAE based company has well-trained teams. Our team will arrive at your place with all those mandatory safety precautions and get the job done. Do not take the disinfection process lightly. The technique removes everything on which bacteria feed and thrive. The effect lasts for months after the process.

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Selena gomaz

I would love to invite Coral Blue team again. Their performance was beyond expectations. They don’t charge much and behave very well. Complete dedication is what we witnessed that day. Thank you dear team members

Selena gomaz

Genarel customer
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