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Pipe Chlorination Procedure And Services

What is Pipe Chlorination?

Cleaning and chlorinating water systems are crucial to maintaining water hygiene during new installations, major extensions, and pipeline system renovations. Pipe chlorination is the process of cleaning and pre-commissioning new private water supplies connected to the mains, extending to a building's internal hot and cold domestic system. Before a connection to the water main is authorized, private supply pipes must be chlorinated and tested to protect the public's health and water purity. Chlorination of the pipes is necessary to make sure the suitability and safety for the delivery of drinking water. Coral Blue specializes in providing water system disinfection and new pipe chlorination services for residential and commercial properties. 

Our solutions for cleaning, chlorination, disinfection, and water treatment assist businesses in upholding high standards of water hygiene and reducing the amount of water-borne bacteria in their water systems. Coral Blue's pipe chlorination services help clean and disinfect hot and cold household water systems, increase asset lifecycles, promote water safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pipe Chlorination Services

At Coral Blue, we believe access to clean water should be a fundamental right of every person, and that is why we ensure to provide the best water system disinfection and pipe chlorination services. 

Pipe Chlorination Procedure

Chlorinating pipelines is one of the most common procedures for cleaning the pipeline system, as chlorine's potent germicidal effect can kill slimy bacteria, moulds, and algae in water pipes. The first step of the pipe chlorination procedure is flushing the pipes with pure water to remove any dirt or debris. After the initial flush, the systems and pipes will be filled with chlorinated solution and left to work for a specific amount of time. The solution will then be neutralized and disposed of safely. Now, fresh water will be flushed through the system so that it will eliminate any chlorine traces that could be left behind.

This will be followed by refilling the system with clean water and leaving it for a necessary period of time. After a specific time duration, the water will be tested and sampled for microbiological and chemical analysis. During this final step of the pipe chlorination procedure, you will be given a certificate of chlorination as well as an in-depth report on each sample taken, which will prove that the pipeline system is safe for use with drinking water.

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