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Kitchen Extract System Cleaning

Coral Blue offers superior quality kitchen duct cleaning services, Dubai. This is something which you need to be very careful about. We are committed and determined to bring safety to your kitchen and adjoining areas through our specialized services. You might be aware of the fact that kitchen exhaust fans are sources of grease and oil. This situation is enough to burn a hole in your pocket. In other words, it may lead to expensive repair works on the roofs of your houses. And that is not all. It poses major threats, like unsafe work areas and chances of house fire.

Hundreds of restaurants go up in flames every year and nobody can deny the role of kitchens in these unfortunate incidents. A thorough cleaning of the area can shield the kitchen from fatal accidents. Also, these uncontrolled deposits of grease invite other health hazards too. These are caused by excessive bacterial growth, mildew and mold. These should never be allowed to come in contact with food items you cook for loved ones. If these areas are left unclean for a longer period of time, more loads would be put on exhaust blowers. This could be suspected as the reason behind your skyrocketing electricity bills. Finally, the kitchen turns into an extremely unpleasant place to carry out cooking and other related activities. This happens due to the hot atmosphere in the room. So, it is highly advisable to get your kitchen ducts cleaned at the earliest.

Our passionate team of experts will take up the huge responsibility and cement the safety of your family. For us, the well-being of customers and employees are equally important. A highly trained team would arrive at your place, deliver quality services every month. Our comprehensive exhaust duct inspection and cleaning services are conducted according to the standards laid down in Dubai Municipality ore no.61/1991.

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Selena gomaz

Kitchen duct should be cleaned; we were warned by many friends and relatives. We were scared after listening to incidents of fire accidents. Also, electricity bills were unbearable. But, Coral Blue gave us a sigh of relief. The team is perfect

Selena gomaz

Genarel customer
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