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Annual Cleaners Supply

Every commercial business needs cleaner supplies. Some of these are meant for single use and others for long term applications. You can’t afford to overlook the importance of materials such as detergents, laundry accessories, wet wipes, mop heads, garbage bags, dryers, floor machines, sweepers etc. 

It is always good to be equipped with these items if you run a hotel, restaurant or resort. Customers tend to avoid hotels that don’t take cleanliness seriously. Would you like to have food at a restaurant that is untidy and makes you utter the word “yuck”? A quick cleaning activity would be the need of the hour. Isn’t it good to have our cleaning items by your side?

Coral Blue cleaning services, the UAE based company caters to your sanitization needs. Our deliveries are available all over Dubai. Many of these items are for keeps. They can be re-used and add value to your cleaning requirements. Give us a call or order online. Our superfast and punctual team will arrive at the earliest.

Selena gomaz

Coral Blue team surprised us with their willingness to work in a challenging environment. They did tireless work and we would give a call to the same team in future too. Well, amazing would be an understatement for them

Selena gomaz

Genarel customer
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