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AC Duct Cleaning & Disinfection

Our Company offers superior AC duct cleaning in Dubai, along with disinfection services. This is essential for AC maintenance. If you are searching for AC duct cleaning in Dubai, we are the best option. Coral Blue cleaning company puts in constant efforts to bring safety and security into our valuable customers’ lives. We understand the importance of AC duct cleaning and advise you to give our services a try, before it is too late.

Why Air Duct cleaning? Most people don’t take it seriously and the casual attitude might invite troubles. Do you want the system to function in a smooth manner? And what about preservation of indoor air quality. If you care about these factors, air duct cleaning should be your top priority. It would be difficult to imagine a life without air conditioning in Dubai. You can keep the air ducts healthy through a slight bit of attention.

Our professional AC duct cleaning services, Dubai, provides you safety from all perils in a cost-effective manner. It’s much above what you can do on your own. Dirt will be found accumulated in narrow areas and only a thorough inspection can do the trick. Our workers use sophisticated tools and brushes to clean these difficult crannies and totally eradicate breeding grounds for fungus, mould, spores and other microbes that affect health and efficiency of air conditioners. Our Air Duct System Cleaning procedures are performed according to the rules of Dubai Municipality order no. 61/1991.

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Selena gomaz

Life without AC is unthinkable here. We were also concerned about the increasing electricity bills. This is when one of my friends suggested me to try a thorough cleaning of the duct. He gave the phone number of this company and they delivered excellent services

Selena gomaz

Genarel customer
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