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Company Profile


Coral Blue cleaning services Dubai is fortified with 11 years of dedicated and passionate services to a vast clientele derived who hail from diverse backgrounds of the society in UAE. We put in the best of our efforts to bring about comfort and happiness in the lives of our customers.

Coral Blue Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning service constantly striving for


To help the Organizations throughout United Arab Emirates providing Quality Technical & Business support services that conforms to higher International Standards with a great view of helping them to serve their customers even better. We aim to absorb their burden of basic organizational needs in our safer hands in order to create a free and hassle free environment that will enable them to concentrate in their main business and thereby broaden their customer base to new horizons.


At Coral Blue Cleaning Services, our mission is to deliver superior quality services, armed with loyalty, punctuality and passion. The dream is to create an environment where we can achieve our organizational goals, while actively assisting our clients to attain their own.

Our Comapny Commitment


We have been in the U.A.E Market since 2010 and it has given us tremendous experience and exposure to the U.A.E market. Our wide experience with a large number of clients approx.5000 enables us to visualize their requirements and expectations and we try our best to surpass them. In order to meet the standard and quality our job demands, we deploy well-experienced people who have sound experience and knowledge of the industry to manage the business in view of positioning ourselves as the leading solution provider in the industry adding further value addition to our services.

We give prime emphasis to Human Resources as we believe they are by which our company and industry as a whole are judged. We don’t just hire manpower; instead, we bring in multi-talented assets to our organization from different parts of the world. And for this reason, we hand-pick after intensive screening parts of the world. And for this reason, we hand-pick people after intensive screening and interview. Once they are on board we provide them with the following:

Compensation / Incentives
Reporting & Feedback
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